Pet Salon and Spa Services

While your pet is a guest at our Resort, additional services are available for your pets’ enjoyment. These services are proven stress reducers and will raise your pets energy and vitality to new levels. The following are the most popular services we offer. Upon check in, please specify which services you would like your pet to participate in and we will schedule your pet’s services according to the length of time your pet will be a guest with us.

  • Rock Garden/Puppy Fun Yard - $3.75 per session
  • Two Mile Ranch Jog - $25.00 (20 minute jog)
  • Frisbee or Ball Toss - $10.00 (20 minute toss)
  • Aromatherapy Massage - $20.00 (20 minute massage)
  • Massage with Heat - $20.00 (20 minute massage)
  • String and Ball Toss - $10.00 (20 minutes)
  • Gentle Brushing - $5.00 (10 minute brush massage)
  • Massage with Heat -  $20.00 (20 minute massage)

Grooming Services

We also have a full service grooming salon (by appointment). Please specify a deluxe bath and peticure when making your reservation request.

Business Hours

Due to the numerous services we offer Dungeness Ranch Pet Resort, all drop-offs, pick-ups and preview visits are scheduled by appointment only! We are closed Sundays and Holidays.


  • Due to the demand for space at the Resort, you will be financially responsible for the entire length of your pet's confirmed reservation, even if your pet checks out earlier than planned.
  • Your pet must meet all of our required health requirements before boarding. These requirements are listed on the Dog/Cat pages of our website.
  • We must have a signed pet information form from you and a signed liability release form from you upon your pet's check in.
  • We do not accept aggressive or destructive dogs at the Resort. Dungeness Ranch Pet Resort reserves the right to decline any pet that we feel is unsuitable for the Resort environment.